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Fix Hot Tub Water With Your Body

Your life depends on it. Hidden deep in your body lies a "natural" chemical whose only job is to fight every minute of every day to keep you alive. It constantly attacks invading, dangerous viruses, fungi and bacteria in your body. It's your only protection against disease. Like a coat-of-armour, peroxisomes in your body release hydrogen peroxide destroying microbes so you can continue to live an energetic and healthy life. We've taken this wonder of nature one step further for your hot tub.

Taking The Heat For You

We've taken the human body's defence mechanism, hydrogen peroxide, and created a special product designed to keep your hot tub healthy. What could be more natural? We call it Peroxysan (pronounced peroxy-san). Most of all hydrogen peroxide is highly effective at our body temperature which means Peroxysan works best against microbes at hot tub water temperatures.

Saves You Money

Because hydrogen peroxide in Peroxysan is heat stable, it won't degrade or evaporate so it lasts longer in defending your hot tub so you use less saving you money. The longer you use Peroxysan the more money you save. Peroxysan is virtually maintenance free. Your body keeps you healthy without your intervention, so does Peroxysan. Just pour it in and forget it. Peroxysan works by self-regulating itself in changing water conditions.


We have recently replaced our current hot tub cleaning system with Peroxysan cleaning system and have happily noticed dramatic results. There is no unpleasant odour and there has been no towel damage whatsoever. Best of all, our skin actually feels softer and rejuvenated after having enjoyed a relaxing soak in the hot tub.

– John & Tracy Sutton

I have used Peroxysan since May and cannot express enough praise for this truly exceptional product. Not once did I experience problems with algae or cloudy water. In fact the water was gleaming and sparkling clear all season. We also found that the water was softer and easy on the body and eyes.

– Brian Grisdale

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