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Stop Wasting Time And Money Experimenting With Chemicals That Don't Work

We understand you shouldn't have to struggle with different chemicals and additives to remove odour and other contaminants in your water. That is why we created Peroxysan, the only solution you need. Peroxysan automatically adjusts with changing water conditions. So you can relax and let it do the hard work for you.

Peroxysan uses hydrogen peroxide, the same disease-fighting chemical in our body making it the most effective water treatment. Because it dissolves into its elements of water and oxygen, Peroxysan is approved by a Canadian government certified lab and has been used in in wells, pools and spas for more than 10 years by our satisfied customers. 


We have recently replaced our current hot tub cleaning system with Peroxysan cleaning system and have happily noticed dramatic results. There is no unpleasant odour and there has been no towel damage whatsoever. Best of all, our skin actually feels softer and rejuvenated after having enjoyed a relaxing soak in the hot tub.

– John & Tracy Sutton

I have used Peroxysan since May and cannot express enough praise for this truly exceptional product. Not once did I experience problems with algae or cloudy water. In fact the water was gleaming and sparkling clear all season. We also found that the water was softer and easy on the body and eyes.

– Brian Grisdale

Never let a cloudy and smelly hot tub surprise you and  ruin a peacefully-infused soak in the quiet isolation of your hot tub.

Get Peace Of Mind

Imagine family and friends enjoying crystal clear water in your hot tub. And knowing you'll never have to worry about your water suddenly turning bad just before visitors arrive! You'l enjoy peace of mind knowing Peroxysan is working for you every day.

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