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5-Minute Hot Tub Maintenance

Are you constantly fighting to balance your hot tub water? Are you at your wits end trying to solve your water problems? I've been there and finally stumbled on the solution. If you want to eliminate your water problems then this message is for you.

I love my hot tub. But there were days when the fun of having one turned into a struggle. And maybe you're currently experiencing that too. Here's what I mean.

Testing and balancing my water used to be a real time consuming struggle. It turned out that my water was either low in pH and the water would develop a slimy, slippery feel, which felt yucky to swim in. Or my tub would be high in pH. I could never seem to get it right. It was really exasperating until I discovered the reason why?

The problem really stemmed from adding more chemicals which just caused bigger spikes in water balance problems. It was totally frustrating. Maybe you know what's that like.

All of that changed when I discovered the cause and made a small change.

Why Balancing Water Can Be a Problem

If you're using chlorine or bromine, then you will experience water balance problems. It's darn near impossible to get a handle on your water. So why does that happen?

There's a simple explanation. If you're using chlorine or bromine as your water treatment, then these products become unstable requiring additional chemicals just to bring back stability in your water. It's like a domino effect...

Water problems just keep on spiralling out of control. And that's the problem.

The more chemicals and agents you add the more they can cause a chemical reaction especially if your water is out of balance. And besides, all those chemicals are a huge chemical soup that you bath in. There is a simple solution that completely eliminates that problem in 1 easy step. Presto! Water balance problems gone forever.

Get Naturally Lasting Balanced Water

Hydrogen peroxide is like no other chemical. It's a natural oxidizer for your hot tub. What does natural mean in this instance?

Our own bodies produce peroxide as a natural defence against infection. And hydrogen peroxide is the infection-fighting agent in our body. We don't produce chlorine. We don't produce bromine. And yet our bodies remain health most of the time. That's why peroxide is the perfect maintenance free solution for your hot tub.

When you add hydrogen peroxide to your hot tub...that is all it needs. Your hot tub is always balanced and WILL NEVER need other chemicals.

Headache Free Maintenance

Introducing Peroxysan used by 1000's of customers for the past 10 years. Peroxysan is specially formulated with hydrogen peroxide to give maintenance free and balanced water without harsh chemicals. 

Its simple to use and just as effective as chlorine without the chlorine problems. Simply dilute according to instructions and add to your hot tub. 

Enjoy being in and not working on your hot tub.